Week 12: Nick’s Fanduel Lineup

Again, last minute picks, so apologies for not getting these out when they are actually useful.  Like I had mentioned in my previous Thursday post, I rolled with Pierre Thomas in my main lineup, so this is all Thursday lineups anyway.

QB: Eli Manning ($6300) DAL@NYG
RB1: Zac Stacy ($7400) CHI@STL
RB2: Pierre Thomas ($5800) NO@ATL
WR1: Vincent Jackson ($8000) TB@DET
WR2: Andre Johnson ($7700) JAC@HOU
WR3: Eric Decker ($5800) DEN@NE
TE: Rob Gronkowski ($8200) DEN@NE
K: David Akers ($5000) TB@DET
D/ST: Carolina Panthers ($5700) CAR@MIA


Zac Stacy should be the #1 play for everyone this week.  Just ridiculous he is only $7400 against the Chicago D.  VJax and Andre Johnson have both been beasts lately.  Decker is a deal, and Gronk is a monster.  Carolina D should be good for 6+ sacks.


Week 10: Nick’s Fanduel Lineup

Last week was a decent week for Fanduel, though Tim’s team did end up besting mine with a score of 135.62 to 114.26. Lots of really random big games for players around the league, and unfortunately I did not guess them (find me the post on the internet that predicted the 7x TD game for nick foles… I dare you). Anyway, looking forward to this week, here are my picks (as always, in the order in which I am confident in them).

RB1: Reggie Bush ($8500) DET@CHI
I would normally not be the most confident in a RB that is not the #1 weapon on a team, but for anyone that has not been paying attention, CHI’s run D is pretty god awful. Posted this history last week, and its worth repeating again. Here are the running stats against chicago in the last four games.

NO – 44/169/2
NYG – 28/135/2
WAS – 31/141/3
GB – 29/199/2

Without any threat of throwing the ball, GB was able to average 6.9 YPC against an 8-man front. You just cant do that against DET with Megatron out there. To top this all off, last time these two teams met, Chicago’s Run D was much stronger and they gave up 25.3 game to Bush. I like everything about this.

WR1: Eric Decker ($6200) DEN@SD
What I said two weeks ago about Decker being a steal for 6500 continues to remain true. Here, it gets even better. He is now priced 300 less, facing a very weak secondary in SD. I know hes not the guy you want in DEN, but for this price, how can you turn it down?

RB2: Eddie Lacy ($6800) PHI@GB
The one thing I do not like about Fanduel is that they do not update their prices very well. With Rodgers down, everyone knows that GB is going to run the ball 30 times. Lacy will get his, and at the price of $6800, you cant turn it down. This will be the last week Lacy will be going at steal prices, and while I dont like the idea of him probably being owned in 50% of teams this week, Im not going to go against the grain just for the sake of it.

WR2: T.Y. Hilton ($6000) STL@IND
There were 4 3x TD games last week for WRs and this is the one I was most willing to chase the points on. The loss of Wayne means that IND’s production will have to go somewhere. Hilton just stands as the biggest threat on the team, and I dont think its even close. The #1 WR on a good team with a great QB… for $6000? Yup, taking it.

QB: Peyton Manning ($10600) DEN@SD
Ive saved enough at this point where I can now splurge on a player. I feel like Manning’s floor this week is 25 pts, with his ceiling being… well… whatever he decides. SD has a bad D and Manning is coming off of a bye. Lots of pts. Lots.

TE: Antonio Gates ($5600) DEN@SD
Yeah, Im giving a lot of action on this game. I faded on my favorite TE, Jordan Reed, this week in favor of Gates, just because I wanted some piece of the SD side of this game. I still think DEN’s defense is bad, and SD’s improved offensive line will be able to hold rivers up long enough to pass the ball and not get pinatad like RG3 was two weeks ago. I see Gates as being one of the benefactors of this (along with Woodhead and Allen). Should be a really high scoring game.

DEF: Tennessee Titans ($5800) JAC@TEN
Yeah, I got burned on them last week. This week is against JAC though. How can I not go back to this well? I am no longer 100% believer in TEN’s D, but the options this week were slim.

WR3: Kendall Wright ($5200) JAC@TEN
There were a lot of options to choose from to close out the team, including Mike Brown, Doug Baldwin, DeAndre Hopkins, and Denarius Moore, but I ended up settling on Wright. He has shown that with Locker at the helm, he is going to get targets. Against an awful JAC team, there is a good chance for some production here.

K: Steven Hauschka ($5300) SEA@ATL
Figure SEA wins this game, but finds ways to not get in the end zone. Hauschka has been a pretty consistent option this season.

Week 8 : Nick’s Fanduel Lineup

Hey everyone! Every week we will be posting our primary Fanduel lineups prior to Thursday’s game.  For any of you that do not know what Fanduel is, it is a site for 1-week salary cap based fantasy leagues. I highly recommend checking it out for any fantasy football enthusiasts (www.fanduel.com).  If you don’t care at all about Fanduel, these posts should still have some valuable information about the players we like the most this week. This should go without saying, but I do feel I need to state the obvious. Do not go betting your life savings on one of these lineups and then curse our names when it doesn’t score 200 pts. Remember that in the end, its always your call. Alright, here goes…

The best way to go through my lineup is to go through my process and show it in the same order that I built it. I’ll start with my must-haves and build around them accordingly.

WR1: Eric Decker ($6500) WAS@DEN
The more I looked at this, the more I realized just how criminally under-priced Decker currently is. He is currently the same price as Harry Douglas, Mike Wallace, and Roddy White despite coming off of a season high 25 pt game and an ideal match up. Both WAS and DEN have horrible defenses with great offenses. This should be a high scoring game, but its even better than that for Decker. DeAngelo Hall has been playing pretty well the last few weeks, holding Dez Bryant to a 5/36/0 line and Brandon Marshall to a 6/75/0 line. For covering these elite WRs, these are great numbers. Expect him to shadow Demarius Thomas the whole game, leaving Decker to the remaining secondary that has let WR2s shine all season. Combine this with the WAS safety being suspended and an angry peyton manning and decker actually has a chance of topping the previous week. All that for a mere $6500.

WR2: Jordy Nelson ($7800) GB@MIN
Yup, another WR that I think we are getting great value out of. Nelson has been awesome the whole season, even managing to put up a 5/42/1 line last week against one of the top 3 corners in the league in Joe Haden. I imagine that was a game where Rodgers would have liked to rely on his only experienced WR, but couldn’t because of Haden. I see Rodgers making up for it this week against a secondary that is 9th in pts allowed to WRs. Oh and its a Sunday night game, and Rodgers has an ego that pushes him into overdrive when the spotlight is on him. Can easily see him feeding Jordy all game.

TE: Jordan Reed ($5400) WAS@DEN
If you read my previous article on WW pickups, this shouldnt come as a surprise. Massive value here in a great matchup for a talented TE on a strong offense. I imagine WAS going into catchup mode early in this game and Reed acting as RG3’s favorite target. And yes, Gronk is a tempting option here, but I ended up going for the value pick.

RB1: Marshawn Lynch ($8600) SEA@STL
I’ll always prefer to be stacked at RB, and I have conserved enough so far that I can splurge a bit here. Lynch is the 4th priced RB this week, though I think I might actually have him as my favorite overall regardless of price. STL is garbage against the run (4th) and SEA has no problems running up the score against a divisional opponent. In addition to the amazing matchup, SEA re-signed their former pro-bowl lead blocking fullback Michael Robinson. Robinson was cut at the beginning of the season due to salary and an illness, but is now back in full force. Lynch is a fan, and you should be too. This is also a good time to point out one of my favorite all time screen caps from a football game. Below you will find Lynch’s reaction towards his sideline after coming out of the huddle in a goal line situation where the play-call was play-action pass.


QB: Robert Griffin III ($8800) WAS@DEN
3rd player from this game now, so going to keep it short. Old RG3 is back, and Den is #1 in pts allowed for QBs. Yes, I would like to have Peyton on my team (like I would every week), but this is a much more economical option.

RB2: Darren Sproles ($6600) BUF@NO
Tim wrote the following in his PickEm article last week “Love teams (or at least decent and good teams) coming out of their bye.” Absolutely agree with this, but need to stress the good part. MIA turned out to not fit that criteria, but NO does. Sean Peyton is one of the top coaches in the NFL and he just went into the bye week after his team’s first loss of the season. Thinking he didn’t spend that much time at the beach. NO lost mainly because their biggest weapon, Jimmy Graham was completely shut down. He also suffered an injury that left his status as questionable for the last two weeks. I imagine Peyton has spent the last two weeks game-planning for an alternative option. I think this will include heavy use of their second most talented player in Darren Sproles. Id consider investing in a NO receiver, but this is a safer pick.

D: Kansas City Chiefs ($5900) CLE@KC
This is where I will personally start to vary up my lineups. I was 100% on board with the KC D before the recent announcement of Jason Campbell starting over Wheeden. Campbell is just as much of a hack, but he is a conservative hack. Where Wheeden will stand in the pocket way too long as he waits for someone to get open, Campbell will just check down every pass. I still like KC to possibly shut out CLE completely, but I don’t expect the massive sacks / turnovers that I would with Wheeden. Still, it felt like the best option given my remaining funds.

WR3: Denarius Moore ($5400) PIT@OAK
Purely a value pick. Moore has been averaging 12.7 FPPG this season, yet he is only $5400. Felt he was the best option all the way up to $6000 where Terrance Williams was available, which explains why I still went with KC as my D.

K: Alex Henery ($5000) NYG@PHI
Henery put up 20 pts when PHI last faced NYG. Hope he does it again?

Final lineup
QB: Robert Griffin III ($8800)
RB1: Marshawn Lynch ($8600)
RB2: Darren Sproles ($6600)
WR1: Jordy Nelson ($7800)
WR2: Eric Decker ($6500)
WR3: Denarius Moore ($5400)
TE: Jordan Reed ($5400)
K: Alex Henery ($5000)
D: Kansas City Chiefs ($5900)