Week 12: Nick’s Pickem

Lots of last minute posts coming today.  Going to be keeping things a bit brief, just to make sure everything gets in for the week.


Picked NO earlier in the week, and am glad I did. It was closer then I thought it would be, but I guess that happens when NO goes on the road.


I know the jets have this on-game-off-game trend going on this year, and they are currently due for a win, but I am thinking BAL breaks their streak and doesnt allow an embarassing loss on their home field.


I just think that CLE matches up really well with PIT. Haden can take out Brown, and CLE’s run D can slow down Bell. CLE’s offense has some question marks, but PIT’s D aint that great.


Guess this one should be chalked up as the upset of the week. TB has been playing well lately, leaning heavily on VJax. They’ve also finally come out and said they are going to let Revis be Revis and he will be shadowing Megatron up and down the field. All of this plus Detroit’s tendency to lose games they should win and them looking forward to next week against the Packers, its enough to have me go with the road dogs.


GB is bad without rodgers, but I still think they are better then MIN. Green Bay can still stop the run and that is really all you have to do against the vikings.


Still not picking JAX.


I like San Diego, but they have a tendency this year to barely lose games. KC has a tendency to barely win games. Going with the angry-KC coming off of their first loss.


This is like feeding a grizzly bear a wounded deer. CAR D line against MIA O line, Im expecting an embarassing amount of sacks.


I think that STL will run up and down on the Bears, but CHI will come out on top. Very evenly matched with a strong D against a strong O.


Same as before, take away T.Y. Hilton (Patrick Peterson) and IND’s offense will struggle. That is going to be the case against an overall much better D then TEN was last week.


Between two awful teams, I go with the home team. OAK will ride Rashad Jennings for ~25 touches against TEN’s awful run D.


Giants are on a bit of a comeback. Guess this shouldnt really surprise anyone. Swear this team can NEVER be counted out. I know DAL is coming off a bye, but I only feel like that matters with a good coach. Not reall the case here.


God, what a game. So many sub-plots to this with Welker returning and Peyton vs Brady. Im going with NE, but the real winner here will be anyone watching the game.


SF is just the better team. RG3 gets crushed, goes into dumbass mode where he throws a bunch of picks, and SF runs away with it.



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