Update to the Pick’ems

Alright, going to try to get the breakdowns here:


Bills – Steelers

Steelers – I think Spiller has a good game here.  Think he’s finally healthy, and showed what he can do when he is so.  That said, I think Manuel shows a bit of rust here and the Steelers run Bell all game long.

Bengals – Ravens

Ravens – Just way too many injuries to the Bengals, along with Dalton’s inconsistency should give the Ravens a chance to get back in the division race.

Lions – Bears

Lions – Hate to pick this one, but I think they’re rushing Cutler back too early.  I could be wrong, but a QB needs all his fundamentals to be accurate, and if there’s anything you worried about Cutler before his injury, it’s his fundamentals.  Think the injury causes a few balls to sail, and the Bears D won’t be able to stop Bush.

Eagles – Packers

Eagles – I realize Seneca Wallace can’t be that bad, but he can’t be that good either.  I don’t think the Eagles explode like last time, and I do think Lacy has a good game here, I just don’t see a Rodgers-less Packers team beating the Eagles.

Rams – Colts

Colts – I still hate Clemens, and while I think/hope he has a long TD to Chris Givens for the sake of my FanDuel lineup, Luck and the Colts should still have a good game here.  I actually think Trent Richardson has his first good game a Colt here, just call it a hunch.

Jaguars – Titans

Titans – It’s the Jags…

Raiders – Giants

Raiders – I think the Giants are definitely improving, but I like Pryor here. 

Seahawks – Falcons

Seahawks – I know a lot of people are thinking upset here, and while the Seahawks D hasn’t looked like the Seahawks D, I think they step it up for this game. 



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