Tim’s FanDuel Post

Hey All!

Here’s the post I assume you all came for, as I beat Nick once again last week…boom.  I had a good week, with 135, but not spectacular, as I didn’t predict Nick Foles or Riley Cooper would have the games they did, and apparently some people drunkenly picked them.  Only explanation…anyways, I think I’m going to switch up my style a little bit.  I’m going to pick up a few WRs this wek that are outside the box a little bit, in hopes they blow up and no one has them.  High risk, but you know what they say, go big or go home.

Terrelle Pryor  – 7500

I’ve been banging on this drum for a while now, but I love Pryor.  He hasn’t had a breakout game yet, which is what I’m banking on, but he does constantly put up numbers and for a QB that cheap, with huge upside, I’m game.  The Giants should  keep the game close up be up is my guess, so he won’t get relegated to hand off duties.

Reggie Bush – 8500
This probably isn’t a surprise after everyone watched Eddie Lacy run all over the Bears, but the Bears run D is just horrid. Bush tore them apart last game, and with Briggs still out, I can’t imagine it gets any better this time.

CJ Spiller – 7400
He’s been injured, but he finally showed a sign of life last week. This week, against a Steelers D that isn’t what it once was, I think he finally shows why everyone thought so highly of him before the year began.

Dez Bryant – 8200
He hasn’t quite blown up like I’d hope, but this game should be a little bit of a shootout, so I’m hoping Dez gets in on it instead of Witten or Terrance Williams. His value is down, so now’s as good a time as any to try to take advantage.

Chris Givens – 4500
Minimum price WR that gives you plenty of upside. Unlike with Sam Bradford, Kellen Clemens seems to think Givens is his no. 1 receiver. Now I’m still no fan of Clemens, but a no. 1 WR with breakaway speed on a team I imagine will be down has a chance to blow up for a long TD.

Golden Tate – 4500
Wow, Tate has dropped quickly. It was just last week everyone was saying how he’d have to step up with Sidney Rice out, but one bad game against Darrelle Revis and now he’s a minimum player? I think Tate is a great play, and should get plenty of opportunties, as I think the Falcons have a much better game than we’ve seen in the last few weeks and keep it close.

Jimmy Graham – 8700
Just so good. You can’t say enough about Graham this year, and against the Cowboys, who should put up plenty of points, I think he keeps it up here.

Matt Prater – 5400
I think this game is a shootout, and K on a great offense should be in range plenty. I also had an extra 400 above minimum to spend, so why not.

Houston Texans – 5300
I think the Texans D was energized by Case Keenum (who I love btw, I was just so impressed with him last week). Cardinals are bad, and while I like Andre Ellington, Carson Palmer is going to turn it over plenty. I think Keenum puts the Texans up big and Palmer is forced to throw.


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