Final Update to the Pick’ems

Ok, just had to get those in before the games started, here’s my slightly more in depth break down of the games Sunday afternoon and Monday.

Panthers – 49ers

Panthers – The 49ers have been a great power running team recently, but the Panthers D is no joke.  I don’t really think much of the Panthers offense, but I expect, in a low scoring game, the Panthers D to step up.  This could be a good game for Steve Smith or Greg Olsen, but I just don’t see the 49ers being able to do much.

Broncos – Chargers

Broncos – Broncos coming out of a bye, after losing?  Yea, I’ll take Peyton here.  I can never trust which of those receivers get the love normally, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they all get in the action here.  I think the Broncos do everything they can to shut down Keenen Allen, but that leaves Gates open for a good game.  I do think Woodhead gets a lot of work here in the passing game as well.  This ends up being a little bit of a shootout, but Broncos still win convincingly.

Texans – Cardinals

Texans – I love what Case Keenum did last week.  Just so impressive.  I think it had a ripple effect on the defense as well, as they see a player who will help them score points, and now are playing with purpose.  Things went off the handle a little bit when Kubiak went down, but I think the shock of that was only from that last half against the Colts and the Texans pick it back up here all game.  With Foster being out for the rest of the year, I see Tate picking up right where he left off.  I also see, surprise surprise, a Palmer pick 6 happening here.

Cowboys – Saints

Saints – This will be a shootout.  Brees is the king of shootouts, and should obviously have a good game.  I think the Cowboys try to get Murray going again, but have a hard time doing it, since I do believe the Saints know that’s the weakness on D and try to avoid ith.  I keep thinking Colston will have a good game, and if he can’t here (if active), I’m done with him.  In the end, Brees puts up a lot of points, and Romo just can’t keep it up.

Dolphins – Buccaneers

Buccaneers – This could go one of 2 ways.  The Dolphins could solidify themselves around the controversy and play an amazing game, or they could fall apart after having to answer these questions for the last week and losing starting linemen.  I think the latter.  I expect Hartline to actually have a really good game here, as Wallace will be on Revis Island.  I actually have liked what the Bucs have done recently, despite not getting any wins, as I think Glennon has played spectacularly for the situation he’s been thrown into.  V Jax will have a monster game here and the Bucs win handily.

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