Week 10: Nick’s Pickem and Recap

Last week was one of those weeks where you can’t really be upset about not predicting everything perfectly.  When Nick Foles matches Peyton Manning’s greatness from week 1, and Riley Cooper and Jerricho Cotchery are catching 3 TDs each, you are reminded of the nature of football.

For Pickem, I went 7-6 and Tim went 6-7.  Yay!  I won… I guess.  Lots of surprises including the Jets beating the Saints and the Bears beating the Packers.  Here are this week’s picks for me.  (One quick note about Fanduel this week.  I am going to wait and have my lineup not include Thursday’s game.  My final lineup did not include any players from that game, though I could see multiple people go off for big games.  For that reason, id rather just not include it).


I think that the Vikings are a pretty inept team, but they have been riding Adrian Peterson as of late and I think they continue to do so in a game where the opposition cant stop him.


Seattle has been pretty trashy lately, but has still managed to squeak out wins.  I see this game as the one where they breakout of their funk and start to actually look impressive again.


Baltimore is tough at home, but its just not the same team anymore.  If they cant beat the Browns off the bye, I have to drop all other trends regarding Baltimore and evaluate the team as it is now.


Chicago can’t stop the run even when they are 100% sure a run is coming.  Here, they face a team where they cant focus on stopping the run because the opposing team has the best WR to ever play the game.  And he is being covered by Tillman who has not been 100%.  Im sure Chicago will score, just not enough.


Philly always seems to play better on the road and GB has become completely 1-dimensional as long as Seneca Wallace is behind center.  I, like everyone else in the world, think that Nick Fole’s W9 performance was a fluke.  Still think Philly can pull it out.


The Rams are playing some interesting football lately.  Run the ball.  Ride Zac Stacy until there is no more tread on those tires.  They haven’t always been winning, but theyve been looking much better overall.  I think they end up winning this game barely.  IND tends to lose games they should win and win games they should lose.


So apparently OAK is not as good as some people thought they were?  Guess it is our fault for believing in the Raiders again.  Between two bad teams, im just gonna go with the home team.


I always seem to pick against the Bills, but not going to do it this week.  NE was able to run all over PIT last week, so I imagine much of the same will happen here with Spiller and Jackson both amassing a ton of yards.


Not picking Jacksonville.  Ever.


I really like Carolina, but they have been facing some bad teams lately and this is their first real test in awhile.  SF at home, coming off a bye.  Thats enough for me.


I like that the Texans basically have nothing to play for and will therefore have Keenum air it out the whole game.  Im sure he produces TDs, but also some INTs with ARI eventually winning out.  I wish I could know how many touches Andre Ellington would get in this game beforehand, cause I would be glad to pick based on that.  Over 15?  Cardinals all the way.  Under 5.  Houston.


I like San Diego, but its Denver off the bye.


Betting NO to win at home is one of the safest bets in the NFL.  I know that DAL is not a bad team, but its NO.  At home.


God I feel dirty for picking TB to win their first game.  I dont believe MIA is a bad team, but I just dont know how they remain focused for this one with everything that is going on with Incognito.  I never expected TB to go 0-16, so this is as good of a game as any to predict their first win.

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