Tim’s Week 9 Pick’Em!!

Hey All!  Had a pretty good week last week, going to try to keep it going strong.


Bengals – Dolphins

Bengals – Bengals D has been on a roll recently.  Dalton has actually looked like a real NFL QB again too.  The Dolphins aren’t terrible, but they’re certainly not good and I think the Bengals just have so many weapons now, they’ll be incredibly difficult to stop while Dalton is playing well.  It’s always tough to predict when a team has all those weapons, but I think this is a game the Bengals try to get Giovani Bernard back on track.  I don’t think this is a blowout, but the Bengals win handily.


Chiefs – Bills

Chiefs – Thad Lewis may not play…which may or may not be a bad thing, but won’t really change the outcome.  Spiller will probably play, which should give the Bills a little boost, but the Chiefs D should keep this a low scoring affair.  I really wanted to mention how I’ve always thought McCluster was awesome, and just hasn’t been properly used, and I think we got a first look at what he can do.  I still can’t imagine he see a lot of use this week, as I think they just run Charles all game long, but just someone to keep in mind.


Falcons – Panthers

Falcons – I know, the Falcons have been real bad recently.  The Panthers are usually inconsistent, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Cam comes out and just embarasses them.  For some reason though, I have a feeling the Falcons still have some semblance of what they used to be.  Harry Douglas has shown to be an actual threat, which I think opens it up for Tony Gonzalez to have a good game (I know, I predicted it last week, but still, it’s gotta happen at some point).  Steven Jackson should play a full load here too.  Like I said, everything points towards the Panthers winning this game, just for some reason I have a gut feeling the Falcons surprise them.


Vikings – Cowboys

Cowboys – After getting embarassed by the Lions, the Cowboys have to try to pick up the pieces and get back on track.  Luckily, they’re in the worst division in football, so they should have plenty of chances to do that, but I do think it starts again this week against the Vikings.  The Vikings obviously aren’t very good, and the person losing out is Adrian Peterson.  I imagine this is another game where he gets bottled up, and the Vikings will try to get Josh Freeman acclaimated to the offense again.  I imagine he has a better game here than his last (almost record settingly bad) outing, but Dez and the Cowboys just put up too much for the Vikings to compete.


Saints – Jets

Saints – The Saints are just really good.  Brees put up another 5 TDs last week, no big deal, and despite the Jets D being actually pretty good, I imagine it’s more of the same here.  I think Geno breaks his streak of being good one week and then bad the next with having another bad game this week.  Saints win in a blowout.


Chargers – Redskins

Redskins – I know he looked real bad against the Broncos last week, and it goes against my theory of always picking good teams out of a bye, but I think RG3 plays fantastic this game and the Redskins offense makes up for their awful defense.  I do think Gates has a great game here, and probably Garcon too.  This ends up being a close one, but I think the Redskins pull it out in the end.


Titans – Rams

Titans – I think the Titans D is going to destroy the Rams.  Kellen Clemens is a terrible QB, and while the Titans haven’t been great against the run, Stacy and Richardson are both hurt, and the Titans D has actually been good against the pass.  Nick loves Jake Locker, and I can’t really argue as he’s had some good games.  I think this is where Chris Johnson starts a string of good games, and the Titans win with a dominating defensive game.


Eagles – Raiders

Raiders – My love of Terrelle Pryor continues this week.  I mention it in the FanDuel lineup, but I think he and Denarius Moore have great games, with the only thing that could potentially cause a problem is McFadden taking all the TDs.  Foles is back, and while the Eagles probably have a better game this week, I don’t think it amounts to anything more than a decent game for the Eagles offense against a Raiders D that’s better than I would’ve expected.


Buccaneers – Seahawks

Seahawks – This seems so very obvious, which should probably worry me, but the Bucs are garbage and the Seahawks continue to be amazing.  I hope Harvin plays here, but even without him, I imagine healthy doses of Lynch are on order, and while the Bucs run D is decent, he should still have a good game.


Ravens – Browns

Ravens – Ravens own the Browns.  I hate stats like this (because, especially during a broadcast, they seem to do the opposite), but the Ravens are 11-0 since Flacco has been the starter against the Browns.  Campbell gave them a little life against the Chiefs, but I don’t see it continuing, and I see the Ravens D tightening up, and the Ravens finally getting a decent run game, despite the Browns relatively impressive run D.


Steelers – Patriots

Patriots – There’s something wrong with the Patriots offense.  It may be Brady’s hand, it may be that he hasn’t played with all his weapons recently, or it may be that they’ve just done whatever they can to end up winning.  I think that changes this week.  I think Brady comes out firing, and throws a TD or 2 to Gronk.  I even think Amendola gets in on the action (until he inevitably leaves the game injured).  The Patriots D is way too injured to stop the run or the pass consistently, but I think they get enough stops to prevent scores from a Steelers offense that really just features Brown and Bell.


Colts – Texans

Texans – I haven’t actually looked at the spreads on each game, but I think I’ve picked quite a few upsets here, and this may be my biggest one yet.  I think Case Keenum didn’t look terrible, and if Arian Foster is healthy, this is a team coming out of the bye playing for their lives.  I would probably change my vote here if Foster doesn’t play, but I don’t think the Colts are as good as they’ve looked the last few games.


Bears – Packers

Packers – I think the Bears would’ve at least had A CHANCE at winning with Cutler, but without him, honestly, I think this is a blowout.  I don’t mind McCown, I actually think he’ll be decent, but they won’t be able to keep up the scoring like they were, and the defense is a shell of what it once was.  I don’t think the Packers run Lacy AS MUCH, but they will still give him plenty of carries, and Rodgers will carve up the Bears D.


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