Tim’s FanDuel Lineup!

This is going to be where I strive to make up for just a god awful week of fantasy football…Here’s my FanDuel lineup for this week.  I had a good feeling about a few guys, so I threw a few extra plays I thought were good values as well.


Pyror – 7300
Still love Pryor, especially against this Eagles D that can’t stop anyone.  He’s so cheap and he puts up points consistently.  My only concern with him is that they focus on running with McFadden, but honestly, I would be surprised if it goes that way, and I think this is a game where Pryor ends up with a deep TD to Moore at some point.
Charles – 9200
Through this portion of the season, he’s the clear-cut no. 1 RB.  Against the Bills, I can only imagine that continues.  They’re awful against the run…and well, in general.  Thad Lewis will turn it over plenty, and the Chiefs will dink, dunk and run all day to make this game as short as possible.
Eddie Lacy – 6800
While I don’t foresee another 28 carry performance, in fact, I see them giving Lacy significantly fewer carries (around 17-20) in order to keep him fresh, I still see him being effective with those.  The Bears have been bad against the run recently, and I love a lead back on a team that will move the ball.  I wouldn’t be surprised by a couple TDs here.
Bernard – 5600
I think the Bengals know they’ve been leaning on the pass a little too hard, and they’ll want to get the run game going.  The Dolphins give it up to the run, and Bernard is awesome.  At 5600, that gives me a lot of versatility and is, in my opinion, a steal.
Dez Bryant – 9100
So normally I wouldn’t pick Dez in a situation like this, since I have a feeling the Cowboys will be up big early and just want to run out the clock, I’m always a huge fan of picking star WRs who complain about not getting the ball.  Combine this with what Nelson did last week to the Vikings, and then the fact that I doubt they’ll want to overwork Murray, and I still think Dez has a great day.
Keenen Allen – $6000 
Keenen Allen is a no. 1 receiver on a good team playing a bad defense.  Nuff said. 
Moore – 4900
Basically the exact same reasons I like Pyror here.  The Eagles D is garbage, and Pryor trusts Moore with big plays.  I expect them to break one this week after being relatively quite recently.
Rob Gronkowski – 7400
I think Brady finally goes off, and Gronk gets the vast majority.  Wouldn’t be surprised with a 2 TD game.
Novak – 5000
Minimum cost kicker on a good offense against a bad defense.
Titan – 5200
I think the Titans shut down the Rams this week.

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