Week 9: Pickem and Recap of Last Week

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the few days absence.  Should have everything for w9 coming up.  First, a recap of a conversation I had earlier in the week with Tim.

Me: “I redeemed myself this week!  Went 10-2 this week in Pickem!”

Tim: “I went 11-1”


Of course I improve this week only to still fall a game short.  I liked ARZ, but still doubted them.  I also went with the home-dog in a game of two bad teams.  Apparently, I underestimated just how bad PHI is when their offense struggles.  Just nothing to show for the last couple of weeks.  Alright, so moving on here are this week’s picks.


CIN is just clicking on all levels and MIA is #1 in sacks allowed.  Not going to be an easy night for the phins.

ATL has been an easy ride for all QBs theyve faced, and now they are going on the road against a red hot cam newton.  To make matters worse, Carolina’s D is no joke.

MIN is awful.  Having Adrian Peterson on your team is like lowering the difficulty setting to easy, and still losing.  DAL is the same team as theyve always been, and will finish probably finish the season around 9-7.  I expect this game to be one of the 9.

So it looks like I was right about NO coming out of their bye week stomping the opposition.  I was completely wrong in how they were going to do it, but thats another story for another post.  The jets can do one thing really really well and that is stop the run.  Shame it wont matter in this contest cause they are facing drew brees.

TEN is one of those sneaky teams that has an actual chance at a playoff birth.  Coming out of a bye week, I expect them to stomp STL who is just coming off of a very disappointing last second loss against a divisional rival.

KC is not going 16-0 this season, but I also don’t think they are losing to BUF.

So apparently all those “RG3 IS BACK!” thoughts are distant history, right?  Again, another story for another post.  SD has been playing smart football lately, and I personally think Mike McCoy should at least be mentioned in the coach of the year discussions (yeah, I know its going to Reid, but like I said, the mention should be there).  Just look what he has done with Rivers, Woodhead, and Matthews.  Coming out of a bye, I always believe in coaching, and against a WAS team riddled with weaknesses, I see SD coming out on top.

Poor Chip Kelly.  Apparently no one told him that Vick is not capable of playing a whole season, and an offense revolving around him is a bad idea.  Without Vick, this offense has no purpose.  That just leaves an awful defense.  Weird to pick OAK with confidence, but that is what I am doing here.

Schiano fired yet?  No?  Alright, I’ll ask again next week.

I am a huge believer that CLE is an underrated team, but again… I am going with good coaching coming out of a bye.  I am hoping Ray Rice visited some Tibet monk to try and regain his running essence.

I think that PIT will run all over NE in this one, but NE will find a way to win… like they always do.

Not a huge Indy fan after the loss of Reggie Wayne, but im less of a HOU fan.  Foster’s status for this game is unsure, and that leaves their offense with much to be desired.

Chicago Bears homer here.  This one is going to be ugly.  There are no words to describe how bad our run D is, and the only guy that has been doing anything all season (Lance Briggs) will be out for the first time.  I expect Lacy to make his rookie of the year claims on Monday night.

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