Week 9 : Nick’s Fanduel Lineup

Last week had its ups-and-downs.  If you only read my initial fanduel post last week and not the sunday morning follow-up, it was absolutely more downs.  Heres a quick recap of some of the highs and lows.

Hit:  Andre Ellington.  Last minute change based on Mendenhall being out.  Ellington proved his talent by flourishing when he was given a decent workload.  His 80-yd TD run was a thing of beauty.  I still dont know if Arians is going to realize what he has and do the right thing, so be careful on how much faith you have in Ellington going forward.

Miss:  RG3.  Oh what a miss.  Looking back on it, I would say here is the lesson to be learned.  RG3 excels best when his team can run the ball.  Forcing him to be the playmaker just hasnt worked this season like it did last.

Hit: Jordy Nelson.  The most consistent WR this season had a great game against a bad Defense.  Yeah, wasnt the last time Im picking him.

Miss:  Marshawn Lynch.  Apparently, Lynch’s actions pissed off his coaching staff.  Enough to the point where they decided to not lean on him when they should have.  I expect Lynch to bounce back, though my confidence is shaken.

Miss:  Sproles / Colston.  I accurately predicted that NO would do awesome.  I inaccurately predicted how it was going to be done.  Still cant believe Sproles got a zero, but hopefully you switched him out sunday morning like suggested.

Alright, moving onto to next week.  Here are my initial thoughts.  Again, in order of what I am most confident in.

RB1: Eddie Lacy ($6800) CHI@GB

I really do not understand how Lacy can only be $6800 given the last few weeks and the matchup.  GB has been running more then ever, with Lacy being the head guy.  The last three weeks he has brought in the following fantasy numbers 13, 19.3, 19.2.  This week, he faces an abysmal Chicago Run D that only got worse with the loss of defensive leader Lance Briggs.  Briggs has not only been the playmaker, but has been the one making the adjustments.  Chicago’s D looks to only get worse and that is bad.  Here are the rushing stats they have given up the last three weeks.

NO – 44/169/2
NYG – 28/135/2
WAS – 31/141/3

Anyone can run on CHI right now, and Lacy is very capable of doing so.  Start him with confidence for his ridiculously cheap price.

WR1: Denarius Moore ($4900) PHI@OAK

I hate going back to someone that burned me in the past, but there is just too much value here to pass up.  Moore had a bad last week against a tough pass D in a conservative gameplan.  This week, he faces the team allowing the most fantasy points to opposing WRs.  As the #1 receiver for his team, and averaging 11.4 FPPG, I cannot pass up the $4900 price tag.

TE:  Jordan Reed ($5600) SD@WAS

If you have been watching the WAS games lately, you will know why I plan on riding Jordan Reed until he gets injured or until his price tag goes up to $6500 or so.  He has become RG3s favorite target, and while that didnt mean many TDs last week, it still meant a line of 8/90/0 for Reed.  Upon dropping two passes, Reed was apparently distraught the whole week and forced himself to catch 500 balls from a football chucker.

QB:  Cam Newton ($8900) ATL@CAR

While I really like some of the cheaper options this week including Locker and Pryor, I already included enough value to allow myself to splurge a bit.  Cam Newton is the definition of a boom or bust player, and the matchup is too good to ignore.  It can be hard to predict when Cam Newton will go off, but when he does, its worth it.  This week, he faces an ATL D that is worse then they appear.  Here is their history this season in terms of pts allowed to QBs.

Drew Brees 20.48 #4 Week
Sam Bradford 26.58 #1 Week
Ryan Tannehill 14.14 #4 Week
Tom Brady 20.44 #1 Week
Geno Smith 22.06 #3 Week
Mike Glennon 17.54 #2 Week
Carson Palmer 13.78 #3 Week

So pretty much everyone that faces ATL has one of their best weeks against them.  The only reason ATL isnt near the top of the pts allowed list is because of the quality of QBs they have faced.  Should be a good chance for Cam Newton to go off.

WR2:  Jordy Nelson ($7800) CHI@GB

This goes against my rule of no WR/RB combinations, but I love both this week enough to roll the dice.  Nelson is the most consistent WR this year, and he is still available for under 8k.  Against an awful defense, while the rest of the main WR core is still in question.  Guaranteed points with a huge upside.  Whats not to like?

RB2:  Le’Veon Bell ($7000) PIT@NE

I originally went for Danny Woodhead in this slot, but changed to Bell given the extra money.  Bell has been running well since coming back from injury and he faces a defense that has struggled greatly against the run since losing Wilfork.  Bell should be good for 60 yards and a TD with a chance at multiple TDs if the situation is right.

WR3:  AJ Green ($8700) CIN@MIA

With enough leftover funds, I had the choice between AJ and Dez.  Both are absolute studs, and I don’t think I would be crazy for picking either.  This was more of a pick against Dez then it was a pick for AJ.  Dez has two interesting trends going into this game.  Trend #1 involves a number 1 receiver complaining about his role in an offense and then blowing up the next week.  This year, it started with Wallace in MIA, and then later in CHI with Marshall.  Always gotta keep the #1 receiver happy.  The other trend is that when DAL wins a game, Dez has a bad-to-mediocre game.  When Dez loses a game, he has a great fantasy week.  I dont see any chance at MIN beating DAL, so I expect this to be a loss and therefore Dez to just not be a big part of their offensive plan.  For that reason, I’m going with the other high-priced stud receiver.

D/ST:  Tennessee Titans ($5200) TEN@STL

I officially do not believe in the KC D anymore.  After being burned the last two weeks, I decided to go for a more economical option based on matchup.  TEN is in the fight for a playoff shot, and coming off of a bye, I expect them to play strong against a STL team that will be drained after a tough last second loss.  To make matters worse, the only positive that can be said regarding STL’s offense has been Zac Stacy.  He is now injured.  I don’t see how STL is capable of doing anything here.

K:  Nick Novak ($5000) SD@WAS

WAS has a bad D.  SD can move the ball.  Yeah, that’s all I got.


2 thoughts on “Week 9 : Nick’s Fanduel Lineup

  1. Hey Bird!

    If I could pick an offense this week, it would be the packers. The only thing that held me back on rodgers was that I felt there was a legit chance that 2-3 TDs go to rushing.

    I don’t think ive ever had a good read on Torrey Smith, but id be really careful to play a WR opposite Joe Haden this year. Outside of the ~40 yd / 1 TD game allowed to Jordy Nelson, he has shut down pretty much everyone hes faced. If you watched that TD to Jordy, it was not in anyway Haden’s fault.

    Agreed on Allen, and McFadden is great… as long as he doesnt get injured in the 1st quarter.

  2. Wow. Your lineup is nearly the EXACT same as the ones I already threw up there!

    A couple others I threw in as well were:

    Aaron Rodgers: Yeah I know, he’s obvious, but Monday night Football, at home, against the Bears? I see a HUGE game and he might just be worth it this week. I have him paired with Boykins and keeping my eye on Jones for a possible Sunday morning switch.

    Darren McFadden: I am proud to say that I have always avoided this injury bug. However, this week his matchup looks VERY good against the Eagles.

    Keenan Allen: He’s still simply to cheap to pass up against a bad Redskins pass defense.

    Torrey Smith: I’m to lazy and it’s to early to check exact stats, but I feel like Smith always seems to have good games against Cleveland. This one is completely a hunch. However, this year I have been very good on my ‘hunches’. 🙂

    Good writeup again. I agree with ALL your players this week and they will all be in my lineups in one way or another.

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