Tim’s (The Other Guys) Pick’Em

What up everyone!  So I had a decent week, went 9-4, not too shabby.  Once again getting these in last second, but here’s my picks for the weekend.


Dal – Det

Lions – Something seems off in Dallas.  Romo has been off for the past couple weeks now, and while I think he has a better game this week, I don’t think it’s enough to keep up with CJ and Reggie.  Think a big game is coming for Bush.  Murray is still hurt, and the balance just won’t be there.  Dez and Williams should both have good games.


Cle – KC

Chiefs – Who could have guessed the Chiefs would’ve been the last undefeated team.  Seriously, I would’ve taken any bet put in front of me regarding that.  That said, I’m now a believer.  The Chiefs D is legit, and while the Browns D is pretty good, they’re not that good, and Smith refuses to make mistakes.  PS Charles is ridiculous.


Mia – NE

Patriots – While normally I’d say this could be a trap game, hoodie won’t let that happen 2 weeks in a row.  I can’t even imagine what practice was like.  I think Brady finally gets back on track with another week of his favorite target being back.  I keep wanting to say the Dolphins try to get their run game back on track, it’s just not happening.  While I think Miller could have a good game, they just refuse to use him.  This will probably be close, but I think the Patriots pull this one out.


Buf – NO

Saints – The Saints D is real good.  Brees just loves to throw, and when you’re behind by a couple scores, that D really gets a chance to shine with the impressive blitz formations Rob Ryan throws out there.  I think Thad Lewis finally shows he’s not really an NFL QB, especially with Spiller being injured.  I know he hasn’t been very good this season, but you have to gameplan for him,  I think the Saints blow them out.


NYG – Phi

Giants – The Giants finally got a win, and actually looked pretty good doing it.  Granted, it definitely could’ve been that Freeman played just awfully, but they at least contained AP.  While I think Vick has a good fantasy day, I don’t think the defense can stop anything, and the Giants will pass up and down on them.  This one ends up in kind of a shootout, but the Giants pull it out in the end.


SF – Jac

49ers – It’s the Jags…Is there really anything else to say?  Nope, but the 49ers are going to run up and down all over them.  49ers D smothers them and Gore runs on an NFL record 100% of the plays.


NYJ – Cin

Bengals – After a good game from Geno, it’s time for a bad one.  The Bengals D is legit, and has been playing like the top 5 D they should be.  While I think Dalton is very good, Green is a star, and will make him look good.  Think this is a close game, but Bengals pull it out.


Pit – Oak

Raiders – I love teams out of the bye week, and I love Terrelle Pryor.  Steelers finally looked good last week, but I don’t think their D can keep up with the Raiders.  Bell should have a good game, but I believe the Raiders end up on top in the end.


Wsh – Den

Broncos – I know everyone thinks this ends in a shootout, but honestly, I think the Broncos D has a much better game this game.  Another week with Von Miller back, and now they should be able to get pressure.  The Redskins D is garbage, and while RG3 and the O should score a few points, it’s not going to be nearly enough to keep up with Peyton.


Atl – Ari

Falcons – Carson Palmer is garbage.  Ellington will be starting and while I think he has a good game, Matt Ryan showed he could do it without his primary weapons.  I expect the coverage has to shift slightly to compensate for Harry Douglas and Gonzalez has a monster game.  Falcons win handily.


GB – Min

Packers – The Vikings seem to be awful now.  I think Rodgers makes all the right, smart throws, and Lacy runs up and down on the Vikings.  Peterson should get back to form a little bit, but too little too late.


Sea – StL

Seahawks – This is going to be a blowout.  Richard Sherman is going to have a field day, and despite the fact that Zac Stacy has looked good, I’d be surprised if the Rams score more than 7.

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