Tim’s FanDuel Lineup

Hey guys – Here’s the FanDuel Lineup I’m most confident in.  I’ll start to add some more picks and sleepers in the coming weeks.


QB – Terrelle Pryor – 6800 – I love the price here.  Coming out of the bye, people forgot he was good, and I think he keeps it up against a Steelers D that has allowed a lot of passing yards.

RB – Marshawn Lynch – 8600 – Lynch is going to have a field day against the Rams.  Beast Mode goes nuts here.

RB – Frank Gore – 7400 – Same thing goes for Gore.  I think the 49ers D keep the Jags down, and they run all day.

WR – DeSean Jackson – 7500 – Giants and Eagles will be a little bit of a high scoring game, and I think Jackson gets his.

WR – Pierre Garcon – 6700 – Pretty much the same thing for this game, as RG3 will be looking his way while he’s on the run from Von Miller.

WR – Marques Colston – 6400 – This is a gut call.  Coming out of their bye, they haven’t gotten it to one of their best weapons.  That, combine with the fact Graham is still hurting, I’ll take my chances on a big game from him.

TE – Tony Gonzalez – 5600 – Now that teams have to gameplan for Harry Douglas, Gonzalez gets a little more open and destroys the Cardinals in the red zone.

K – Kai Forbath – 5000 – He’s a K on a pretty good offense, playing on a team they’ll have to score a boatload of points against.  Also minimum cost.

D – Seahawks – 6000 – I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if the Rams score no points and there’s a couple pick-six’s TDs

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