Week 7: Other Guy > This Guy

Well… this is awkward.  Just an absolutely awful week for me in terms of Football.  Lets run through a list of everything bad that happened.

  • I went 6-7 on Pickem.  I really can’t imagine a worse week for me in terms of calling these games.  Will get more into that later.
  • Personal Fantasy Leagues saw losses despite great weeks from RG3 and Carolina D.  Pretty sure this was the only week this year that it was bad to face the guy that spent his top 2 draft picks on Megatron and AJ Green.
  • The Romo/Dez Connection failed me in Fanduel.  I picked the outcome right here, but I dont think anyone expected the game to go like it did.

In other news, the other guy on this site proved that at least half of us know what they are doing.  In Pickem, he went 9-4 on a week that included a decent amount of upsets.  Looks like I will have to work even harder to prove my worth!

Up next… Game by game fantasy analysis.  Will also have a Fan Duel post up in the next few days with my ideal lineup.  And yeah, the other guy will too.


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