The Other Guy’s Week 7 Picks

Thanks for joining us!  So Nick already posted his picks, and I’ve only got about 30 mins to get this in, so here’s a quick breakdown:


Bills – Dolphins:

Dolphins – Love teams (or at least decent and good teams) coming out of their bye.  I expect the Dolphins to start trying to run the ball effectively, which they hadn’t even really tried for the first 5 weeks.  Thad Lewis had a decent game last week, but he’s got game on tape now, and I expect the Dolphins to take advantage of that.


Rams – Panthers:

Panthers – I just don’t believe the Rams are as good as last week showed.  The Panthers are possibly the most inconsistent team in the league, but Cam’s been playing well of late, and really, that team goes as he goes.  The Panthers D isn’t a joke either.


Bears – Redskins:

Bears – I should get this out right now.  I’m a fan of the Bears and Ravens.  That said, I don’t let my bias get in the way of my picks, or fantasy team.  The Bears are just a better team than the Redskins.  Their defense was just embarrassed by Brandon Jacobs of all people, so I expect them to come out a little angry after that.  I’d consider both offenses pretty equivalent, so I think it’s a shootout, with the Bears D making one or two key turnovers to pull this out.


Bengals – Lions:

Bengals – Calvin Johnson is still hurting.  That guy is a monster, and changes the gameplan.  When he’s not 100%, the entire offense isn’t nearly as effective.  The Bengals D has finally broken out of their funk, and is playing like a top 5 unit like they should.


Cowboys – Eagles:

Cowboys – The Eagles D is just god-awful, and Romo is going to be throwing it all day with Murray (presumably) out.  I think the Eagles have a decent game, but I just don’t believe in Nick Foles, and think this is a significant step down from his game last week.


Chargers – Jaguars:

Chargers – I realize this is probably the definition of a trap game for the Chargers, and honestly, I wouldn’t be that surprised if the Jags end up winning (well…as not surprised as you can be for the worst team winning), but I don’t think the Chargers overlook them.  I think the Chargers end up playing the same game of keep away they played with the Colts, and win with a time of possession around 45 minutes.


Patriots – Jets:

Jets – Yea, I know, crazy right?  I don’t know what it is, but I just feel like the Patriots have lost too much on D.  Geno Smith is amazingly consistent at having a terrible game followed up by a great game, and last week was a terrible game.  Patriots don’t have Talib, Mayo or Wilfork anymore, and I think Gronk ends up on a snap count.


Buccaneers – Falcons:

Falcons – Once again, I love those decent and good teams coming out of a bye.  I think the Bucs end up running effectively, but not nearly enough to keep up with the Falcons, who have to realize if they’re going to have a chance at the playoffs, they need to win this game.  I actually like Glennon, but just don’t think he’ll be able to keep up with Matty Ice.  Also, thank god Roddy White is sitting, that dude needs to get healthy.


49ers – Titans:

49ers – Chris Johnson is garbage and I just don’t think a gimpy Locker will be able to get it done against this D.  Feel like this ends up being a 14-10 game.


Ravens – Steelers:

Ravens – Ravens are the better team, with the better defense, and they know they need to get Rice going.  Steelers are bad against the run, and recently, it seems like Flacco has their number.  Think this ends up being a little more of a shootout than most Ravens-Steelers games, but in this case, I think the better team wins.


Browns – Packers:

Packers – Is Weeden still the Browns QB?  Yes?  Yea, he’s not very good, but at least he knows how to get it to Josh Gordon.  I don’t think Rodgers has a very good game here, as he tries to acclimate to the new receivers, but the run game should be effective here.


Texans – Chiefs:

Chiefs – Poor Poor Case Keenum.  I realize he had great college stats, but this is the pros, and the chiefs are just ridiculous.  Keenum may end up being a good pro, but I don’t think it starts this game.


Broncos – Colts:

Broncos – You do not anger Peyton Manning.  In what ends up being a shootout, I think Peyton destroys the Colts, and Luck just can’t keep up.


Vikings – Giants:

Giants – I think the G-Men finally get that first win!  I expect a shootout here, with Eli having a great game, and Peterson running all over the Giants awful D.


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